Antalya announced a fantastic transformation of the airport

Antalya announced a fantastic transformation of the airport

The current crisis in tourism does not prevent Turkey from developing “Napoleonic plans” for its resorts. The country presented plans to reform the country's main resort airport – Antalya Airport. As a result of a large-scale restructuring, the airport will be able to receive up to 80 million passengers a year. For understanding, in 2019, a record year for Antalya, the airport received a little less than 40 million passengers.

“Antalya Airport with a renewed face will enter the next 25 years prepared and become a major tourism hub in the region,” said Hussein Keskin, General Manager of the State Airports Administration (DMHİ), at the down payment ceremony for the lease under the public-private cooperation project at the airport Antalya. He also stated that all reforms of the Antalya airport will be carried out “without a penny from the state.”

The essence of the planned reforms, in turn, was revealed by the chief executive officer of TAV Airports, Sani Shener. He stated that in Antalya “they have been successfully and smoothly working with Fraport (an international management company) for 4 years and then won the tender and extended the period of work. until 2052. “In 2019, before the epidemic, Antalya Airport received 35.7 million passengers. With the gradual lifting of travel restrictions in 2021, tourist arrivals have rebounded significantly again to reach 22 million. Thanks to the investment we will make together with our partner Fraport, the airport's capacity will be increased to 80 million passengers a year,” he said.

In turn, the chief executive officer of Fraport AG, Stefan Schulte, recalled that they have been working in Turkey for more than 20 years, and encouraged the Turkish tourism industry with the following statement. “We will turn the airport into the country's leading air gateway. We have signed a long-term cooperation. We are here until 2051.” He also reported that the joint venture between TAV and Fraport will increase the airport's capacity to 80 million passengers per year with an investment of 765 million euros, of which 600 million euros will be in the first stage.

As part of the investment, the area of ​​the international terminal will increase from 142,000 square meters to 267,000 square meters, and the area of ​​the domestic terminal will increase from 37,000 square meters to 75,000 square meters. Thus, the annual passenger capacity will increase to 65 million people. In 2040, a new international terminal with an area of ​​70 thousand square meters will be opened, and the throughput will reach 80 million passengers. Tourists were also assured that the work, which is planned to be completed within 3 years, will be carried out without prejudice to the current operation.

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