Antalya hotel employee caught stealing gold necklace from tourist

An employee who stole a gold necklace from a tourist was caught in an Antalya hotel

The camera in the hotel “saved” the tourist's gold bracelet and helped to identify a recidivist thief in a hotel in the Manavgat district of Turkey resort of Antalya. The surveillance system recorded the fact of the theft of the bracelet by the hotel staff – after which amazing details were revealed.

According to the Turkish media, the tourist turned to the police about the theft. It was possible to find the lost quickly – the gendarmerie recorded the purchase of a gold bracelet in the Ilica Kumkoy region, after which the brigades of the Manavgat district gendarmerie began work under the coordination of the Manavgat Chief Prosecutor's Office.

Records from surveillance cameras helped to identify the abductor – a certain F.A. who worked as a hotel attendant. The examination found out that this turned out to be a recidivist who was caught more than not for the first time – she had as many as six convictions. The articles, however, are not specified.

The stolen gold bracelet was returned to the owner.

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