Arriving without a reservation will remain at the gate – tourists have been warned in Turkey

Arriving without a reservation will stay at the gate – tourists have been warned in Turkey

An important warning was issued by tourism officials in Turkey's Bodrum: as the opening of the 2022 summer season has already taken place, travelers arriving without prior reservation will remain at the door due to a shortage of seats. Excessive demand is explained by the surging British tourist flow, which are replacing tourists from Russia (details here), the Holy Ramadan holiday and the Russian-Ukrainian wave of emigration. The statement of the head of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association was quoted by the Turkish media.

Bodrum, which is a paradise for tourists from European countries and the Turks themselves, is preparing for the summer season along with the Ramadan holiday. Many hotels, especially five-star hotels, have a calendar of concerts and events featuring famous artists.

Filled to capacity Turkish hotels in Bodrum may refuse to accommodate “non-package” tourists due to high demand in April. “We want to warn our guests who will come to Bodrum. Please come with a pre-confirmed booking. Lots of rooms are busy. I think the hotels will be completely filled. Therefore, those who want to relax in Bodrum can guarantee their holiday by pre-booking. Book through travel agents. Beware of scammers,” warned Omar Dengiz, head of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association.

And he immediately made a forecast for the upcoming beach season: “It is too early to say how many tourists we will receive this year, but we assume that it will be much higher than last year's figure. Even if the special operation in Ukraine continues, we will get good numbers. So far, no cancellation requests have been received, and aircraft have not canceled additional flights. This means that we are in for the high season.”

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