At the most fashionable resort, Russian tourists clashed with British

In the most fashionable resort, Russian tourists clashed with British

In the first three and a half months, the Maldives has already received almost half a million tourists. Thus, the expected plans for receiving tourists have been fulfilled by almost a third. Moreover, for the title of the first “supplier” of tourists, there is a serious battle between Russian tourists and British tourists – in fact, they clashed in a hot battle for the laurels of superiority in the tourist flow.

So, for several months in a row, Russia was the leading supplier, but in February-March, for obvious reasons, the UK took the lead. However, judging by the data of Russian tour operators, the main problems – financial settlements and the delivery of tourists – have been largely resolved, which means that Russia has a chance to “win back”.

But first, the official numbers. From January 1 to April 13, 2022, the Maldives has already received more than 498 thousand tourists, which is 45.3% more than in 2021. It should be noted that in February, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced that the Maldives plans to receive 1.6 million tourists this year.

The number of tourists is growing steadily: 131,764 tourists were received in January, and 149,008 arrivals were registered in February, and 150,739 arrivals in March. In April, the Maldives received 66,724 tourists, which is 50.7% more than in 2021. However, this is 2.7% less than in 2019.

Daily arrivals average 4,837. Statistics are also kept by day, for example:

  • April 1, 4,888 tourist arrivals were recorded.
  • April 5, 4,602 tourist arrivals were recorded.
  • April 10, 6,522 tourist arrivals were recorded.
  • April 11, 5 tourist arrivals were recorded 652 tourist arrivals.
  • April 12, 5426 tourist arrivals were recorded.

“The Ministry of Tourism said that although Russia has maintained its position as the main source market for tourism in the Maldives in the past few months, the number of tourists has fallen. At the moment, the United Kingdom has taken the first place, ”the local media add.

The top 10 major markets and their share in the Maldives as of April 13 are as follows:

  1. UK – 13.2%,
  2. India – 10.9%, arrivals or 54,532 tourists,
  3. Russia – 10.8% and 53,716 tourists
  4. Germany contributed 8.8% and 43,875 tourists
  5. Italy contributed 6.9% and 34,220 tourists
  6. United States 4.5% and 22,658 tourists
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  8. France contributed 4.5% and 22,476 tourists
  9. Switzerland contributed 2.4% and 11,884 tourists
  10. Austria contributed 2.1% and 10,648 tourists
  11. Saudi Arabia contributed 2% and 10,199 tourists
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    The Maldives also notes that in pre-Covid 2019, China, India, Italy, Germany, the UK, Russia, France, the US, Japan and Australia were the top ten markets for tourism to the Maldives.

    At the same time, Russian tour operators confirmed the data – according to ATOR, the flow of tourists from Russia to the Maldives in March 2022 fell by 2.2 times – but there has already been a clear trend for the return of tourists. The main problems – the situation with flights and payments on vacation – have been more or less resolved, the exchange rate has also stabilized. The result is an increase in sales from 80 to 300%(!).

    Tour operators also read Russian statistics:

    • In January 2022, 23,341 Russian tourists visited the resort
    • < li>In February, the Russian tourist flow to the Maldives amounted to 20,082 trips – then we took first place, overtaking the Indian and English markets. At the same time, no decrease was observed in the period February 24-28.

    • In early March, a decline began due to the cancellation of direct air transportation – the decline reached 8 times compared to the beginning of February – sales practically stood up. The market recorded a recovery in the second half of March – tourists “transferred” to connecting flights of foreign airlines – Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, flydubai, etc. It should be noted that up to 50% of tourists flew to the Maldives with connections before the pandemic. But in the end, only 8,806 Russian tourists arrived on the islands in March, or 56.15% less than in February. As a result, we “collapsed” to the 7th line in the top 10 markets.
    • In April 2022, demand for the Maldives began to grow “brightly and confidently”. Players record growth from 80 to 300% – compared to the disastrous beginning of March. At the same time, this demand is almost exclusively “five-star”. Tour operators find several reasons for this. With an expensive connecting flight, it makes no sense to choose economical accommodation, in addition, “suites” provide both general special offers for May and special ones for the Russian market.

    As for prices, according to market players a weekly tour package to the Maldives in 5 * will cost from 280-300 thousand rubles for two with a flight and meals FB. “All inclusive” will already cost 300-350 thousand rubles. And the “really high-quality” “five” for May tour operators are already offering from 500 thousand rubles and more.

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