Authorities issue warning after tourist sat on an altar for incense and offerings in Phuket

Authorities issued a warning after a tourist sat on an altar for incense and offerings in Phuket< /p>Thai authorities urged tourists to show respect for the shrines installed on the sites of the resort towns. The warning comes after an incident in which a traveler sat down on an altar for incense and offerings at a popular market on the outskirts of Phuket, not realizing she had offended a Thai shrine.

According to the Phuket media, the girl allegedly saw a comfortable surface in the Phra Phrom temple in the Chilwa market and sat down there, immersed in the phone. In addition, there was an outlet near the altar, which she used to charge her gadget. At this time, a local resident came up to the altar to pay her respects to Brahma – in Hindu mythology, the highest deity, the creator of the world. After several minutes of waiting, the Thai woman asked the tourist to leave. Only then did the traveler realize what she had done. She immediately apologized and left.

According to the clothing seller in the market, her colleagues saw that the tourist had acted inappropriately. “No one warned her because we understand that she does not know our culture. She was probably worried that her battery would run out during the conversation, ”said the Thai tourist in defense.

The behavior of the tourist was filmed by eyewitnesses. It then spread online, causing concern among local residents. Commentators worried that tourists go to another country, not knowing the elementary principles of another culture. Following the public outrage, the Phuket resort island authorities issued a warning to foreigners demanding that they show respect for the local culture.

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