Bangkok in January: winter holidays in the tropics

Bangkok strikes at first sight — it is a unique metropolis, which has no analogue in the whole world. A city with Buddhist temples, pagodas and countless Buddha statues, as well as modern skyscrapers, European restaurants, museums and concert halls.

This is not a beach resort, but even if the city was washed by the sea, visitors simply would not have the time and desire to lie aimlessly in a sun lounger, because there are so many interesting things in Bangkok! Just have time to attend excursions, have fun in nightclubs, admire local attractions and savor exotic Thai dishes.

You can come to Bangkok at any time of the year — thanks to the local climate, it is always warm and sunny here. However, winter is considered the most favorable period. If your acquaintance with the capital of Thailand is planned for January, then in this article you will find many useful tips prepared by the Kidpassage team.

Bangkok in January: winter holidays in the tropics

Holidays in Bangkok in January: pros and cons

It is worth saying in advance that Bangkok — a specific city, however, like the whole of Thailand. Not everyone is suitable for local exotic and tropical climate. You can love it or not love it, but it is certainly impossible to forget. Even if you come across negative reviews about a vacation in Bangkok in January on the net, you should not cancel your trip — maybe you just ran into a person who did not appreciate the Thai flavor.

There are many objective reasonsto go to the capital of the Kingdom in the middle of winter, here are some of them:

  • Good weather. Winter in Bangkok is considered a cool season, during this period favorable weather conditions are established here for long walks, sightseeing and even a beach holiday. True, for the latter you will have to go to nearby resorts — there is no coastline in Bangkok itself.
  • Numerous holidays and festivals. The January calendar is full of events, and the Christmas spirit is still in the city for the first half of the month.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. The local markets are full of fresh fruits and vegetables, among which there are many exotic fruits.

A significant minus that Bangkok has in January is the cost of rest. January prices — some of the highest of the year, as winter is considered high season.

In addition, crowds of tourists annoy. Bangkok is already on the list of the most overpopulated cities on the planet, and from November to March there are much more people here, as the tourist flow increases several times.

The weather in Bangkok in January

Weather in Bangkok in January — February — a dream for people who can not stand the winter cold and dullness outside the window. During this period, the Thai capital is hot and sunny. Perhaps this is a great time for a vacation. Moreover, elderly people, small children and tourists who have health problems, in particular with the cardiovascular system, can safely relax in Bangkok in winter. The humidity level decreases during this period, so the high temperature is easily tolerated.

The weather in early January is warm and sunny — this is the best time for a sightseeing holiday. The length of daylight hours is more than 11 hours, which means that tourists will have enough time to see local attractions.

The average temperature in Bangkok in mid-January is +30 °C. It’s hard to believe that it’s winter on the calendar, because the bright sun is shining outside, people on the streets are wearing shorts and T-shirts, and air conditioners are working at full capacity in cafes and shops. Yes, this is what winter looks like in the capital of the Kingdom — no snow, just a riot of green parks bathed in warm sunshine.

The weather in Bangkok at the end of January remains stable, that is, sunny and warm. If you have long wanted to see this city, then there is no better time to travel than January.

Air and water temperatures

Bangkok is dominated by a tropical climate that can be unbearable in summer . But in winter, quite comfortable conditions for life and recreation are created here. Humidity in mid-winter hovering around 50–60%, which is not bad as Bangkok is known for high humidity.

Therefore, many people come to the Thai metropolis for the winter — it's nice to leave slush, dullness, frost and dull landscapes behind and go towards warm sunny summer and amazing tropical landscapes.

Air temperature in Bangkok in January

Winter is considered a cool season in the Thai capital . During the day, the average temperature in Bangkok is +32.6 °C. At night, the mercury column drops to +26.2 °C.


In some Thai resorts, the tropical rainy season begins in January, but Bangkok is not one of them. Midwinter — dry period. In January, there is an average of only one rainy day here, during which only 13.5 mm of precipitation falls.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Gathering in Bangkok in January, don't forget to bring your sunglasses as it will be sunny 72% of the month, or 22 days. Cloudy weather accounts for 23%, and only 5% remains overcast days.

Sightseeing holidays in Bangkok

Bangkok in January: winter vacation in the tropics

What Bangkok has in abundance are Buddhist temples. One of the most notable religious buildings is the Temple of Dawn, erected on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. In the center of the temple rises an 80-meter pagoda. A steep staircase with many steps leads to the very top.

In the temple and on the temple grounds you will find many different statues — dominated, of course, the statues of the Buddha, but there are other mythical creatures. It is best to come here in the evening — at nightfall, thanks to the illumination of hundreds of lights, the temple looks simply fabulous.

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Another Temple of the Golden Mountain is considered a significant religious building, which rises on an artificially created hill. You can get to the top of the hill by climbing 318 steps. It is recommended not to be lazy and go upstairs, as an incredible view of the city opens up from the observation deck.

A part of the ashes of the Buddha, brought from India, is kept in the temple. This attracts both religious locals and foreign pilgrims and tourists interested in Buddhism.

In early January, it is nice to take a walk in the open air. Why not visit architectural and park complex Suan Luang Rama IX? There are several gardens on the territory, the plants for which were specially imported from different Thai provinces. An artificial lake is broken here and small pretty bridges are installed. There is a catamaran rental nearby. The park also has gazebos for relaxation and even corners for meditation (there are free yoga and gymnastics classes in the mornings).

For those who want to get acquainted with the history of the city, we recommend visiting The National Museum of Bangkok, where the main exhibits are items from the private collection of Rama IV. Ceramics and works of art, weapons and ancient clothes, household items and musical instruments — here are collected thousands of artifacts belonging to Thais from the past. The museum occupies several buildings, and there is also a bookstore and a cafeteria on site.

At the end of January, you can go on a river cruisealong the main waterway of Bangkok — Chao Phraya river. The views from the ship are so impressive that they will remain in your memory for a long time. It is best to go for an evening river walk, when the city is illuminated by thousands of lights and all this splendor is reflected in the black water. You can book a boat trip with dinner and enjoy Bangkok at night while enjoying delicious Thai dishes.

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There are many places in Bangkok that are great for families. If you don't know where to go with your kids, here are some of the best options:

  • Ancient Siam (Mueang Boran) Miniature Park
  • Safari Zoo World
  • Art in Paradise 3D Museum
  • Dream World
  • Siam Ocean World

Holidays, events, festivals

Tourists expect various holidays in Bangkok in January. Even thoughNew Yearhas already passed, the festive atmosphere is still felt, and entertainment events replace each other almost daily. The tourism festival is held in Lumpini Park, and on the second Saturday of January, Thais celebrateChildren's Day.

January Vacation Prices

Bangkok in January: winter vacation in the tropics

Winter in the capital of Thailand — this is the peak of the tourist season, when the demand for recreation in the metropolis reaches its maximum. Accordingly, prices in Bangkok soar in January. It will not be possible to save on vacation during this period.

Price of tours

The most expensive tours to Bangkok are sold in early January, when the Christmas holidays are still lasting. The closer to the end of the month, the lower the cost becomes. However, don't be fooled — prices remain high throughout the winter.


In December, January and February, airfare to Bangkok is about the same. During the New Year holidays (from late December to mid-January), the cost rises slightly — the increase in price is approximately 7–10%.


Due to the fact that there are many different housing offers in Bangkok, even in the high season, tourists can save a little on accommodation. Of course, the cheaper, the worse the conditions. So, you can stay in a hostel for 350 TNV. But the prices for rooms in a five-star hotel are already in the thousands.

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Meals and transfers

Bangkok in January: winter vacation in the tropics

Bangkok — it is a city with the richest assortment of food. Moreover, tourists can try not only Thai dishes here. French, German, Italian, Japanese, American — what kind of cuisine you will not find here!

The same variety applies to the types of establishments: there are street food courts and stalls with local fast food, small cafes for locals and chic restaurants. Any tourist, regardless of their gastronomic preferences and wallet thickness, will find a place to have a bite to eat or a hearty meal.

For a snack on street food, you will have to pay about 50-70 TNV. Lunch for one person in a middle-class cafe costs about 150-200 TNV. If you want to dine in a chic restaurant, then you need to prepare for the fact that the amount in the check will start from 1000 TNV.

Bangkok — this is a multi-million metropolis, so the public transport system is well developed here. Minibuses and buses run around the city, there is a ground and underground metro. You can rent a car, order a taxi, or even use the services of motorcycle taxi drivers. The fare is:

  • 5–25 TNV — minibuses and buses;
  • 9–40 ТНВ — river tram;
  • 15–45 ТНВ — subway;
  • 50–250 ТНВ — taxi;
  • from 2000 TNV — car rental.

It is most convenient to use the metro, motorcycle taxis and river modes of transport, as there are constant traffic jams on city roads. Choosing a car or bus trip, tourists are guaranteed to doom themselves to a long wait in a traffic jam.

How to dress in Bangkok

When packing for a January holiday in Bangkok, give preference to summer clothes. Tourists, as a rule, take off warm jackets at the airport and forget about them until they return to their homeland. In the middle of winter, the Thai capital is warm day and night. True, jeans and one or two sweatshirts with long sleeves should still be put in a suitcase just in case — they are useful for night and river walks.

Don't forget to bring hats for the whole family — It's easy to get heatstroke in Thailand in January. Also, don't go out without first protecting your skin with a safe tanning cream.

There are no beaches in Bangkok itself, so unless you plan to travel outside the city, swimwear will not be useful to you . Equipped beach resorts can be found in the vicinity of the city.

Recommendations for families with children

Bangkok in January: winter holidays in the tropics

Noisy and diverse Bangkok can hardly be called an ideal place for families with children. If you like a quiet pastime with your family and want to get peace and solitude at the resort, then perhaps this city is not for you.

But those who are ready to have fun all day long, get new and unusual experiences and adapt to the frantic pace of the modern metropolis, Bangkok welcomes with open arms.

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True, it is better for parents of babies to think about another tourist destination. Bangkok — too noisy and hot for babies, difficult acclimatization is unlikely to be avoided. In addition, long city walks with a stroller will not bring pleasure to either parents or a child.

Despite the high cost of recreation and crowding on the streets, January can be called the ideal period to visit Bangkok with children. The lack of beaches will not be a reason for boredom — there are numerous water parks, attractions, children's museums, shopping and entertainment centers that will appeal to the youngest guests of the city.

More information about the capital of Thailand can be found in the article “Bangkok: a family guide”.&nbsp ;Kidpassage wishes you a pleasant stay and a lot of positive impressions!


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