Became known diabolical symbols that mark passengers for forced verification

Devil symbols used to mark passengers for forced verification have become known

A stamp in the form of four letters “S” on the ticket threatens the tourist with the fact that he will be subjected to additional security checks – and in the worst case, he may be late for the flight. However, additional verification also has its advantages. This was told to the British media by Stuart Jackson from London, whose boarding pass for a flight to New York was marked with the “devil” letters “SSSS”.

This code means just the abbreviation “Secondary Security Screening Selection” – that is, that the passenger was selected for additional security screening. “I tried to register online the night before but the website was giving me an error message. At that time, I didn’t think much and decided that everything would be all right if I checked in at the airport, ”the tourist tells“ the story of his disasters ”. But when he approached the front desk, it turned out that he was still selected for verification. “When the airline staff came to the queue to ask if all passengers had met the relevant covid requirements, I mentioned that the website does not allow check-in. A staff member took me out of the queue to a table to check my details. After she dialed my passport number, she said, “Oh!” and my heart started pounding when she did. I was convinced that there was a problem and I would not be allowed to fly,” the tourist said. But he was reassured and explained the reason for the error during registration by the fact that he had already been previously selected for additional verification.

“I was assured that there is nothing to worry about, and such passengers are chosen at random. And yet it is rather unpleasant when you are searched, samples are taken for traces of explosives and all your suitcases are opened, ”the tourist complained and told in detail what happened. “I went to the boarding gate when my boarding team was called, but when they saw my boarding pass, I was directed to a place behind a screen where someone else was also searched. They searched my hand luggage, rubbed my hands and pockets – why – they did not say. Then I was asked to take off my shoes to check inside. All this happened in the waiting area before boarding, so it did not delay my boarding the plane, ”the tourist said.

In general, SSSS checks are carried out for international flights to and from the USA. Experts also warn that not everyone is as lucky as this tourist: you can miss your flight.

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