Became known the main route of Russians wishing to get to Europe

The main route of Russians wishing to get to Europe has become known

The massive demand of Russian tourists and departing tourists, most likely, caused an extremely high increase in the number of flights over the past two weeks for Turkish airlines in Europe. We are talking about Turkish Airlines and Pegasus.

According to weekly flight data published by the European air navigation safety organization Eurocontrol, Turkish Airlines saw the highest increase in the number of flights over the past two weeks with a 15% increase, followed by Turkish airline Pegasus with 12%. They successfully outperformed low-cost carrier Wizz Air by 7%, Vueling by 6%, Air France and SAS by 3%, Lufthansa, TAP and Wideroe by 2%. Other Europeans such as KLM, Iberia, TUI, Finnair, Norwegian and Qatar Airways showed growth of 1%. British Airways, Ryanair, EasyJet and Swiss remained unchanged, while Eurowings lost 3%.

Obviously, a significant increase for Turkish carriers was ensured by their expansion in Russia, as well as an increase in flights, including to Europe, used by Russians: in fact, Turkish airlines have become the main route with a transfer in Istanbul from Moscow to the EU countries. It should be noted that in terms of the number of flights per day, Turkish Airlines took third place with 973 flights, second only to British low-cost airlines. Ryanair came in first with an average of 2,112 flights per day, while EasyJet came in second with 1,133 flights.

At the same time, Eurocontrol, in its latest report, reported that the number of flights in general has increased – citizens and tourists, feeling free from pandemic restrictions, tend to fly, despite all air sanctions: more than 20,000 flights a day have been registered. This means that the number of flights in the tenth week reached 73.6% of the total number of flights registered in 2019.

At the same time, due to the easing of travel restrictions, the largest number of departures and arrivals were registered in Germany, with an average of 3,425 flights. This is followed by Spain with 3280 flights, France with 3221 flights and Italy with 2341 flights.

However, the “air sanctions” also affected here: due to the closure of the country's airspace, operators were forced to change the route of their flights. Because of this, the flight time between Helsinki and Beijing has increased by almost four hours, and between Paris and Tokyo by two and a half hours.

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