Blue Sky appeared in Turkey: new airline will carry Russian tourists to Antalya

Blue Sky appeared in Turkey: a new airline will carry Russian tourists to Antalya

Details of the second airline specially created for transportation Russian tourists to Turkey appeared in the Turkish media. According to their statement, the second carrier, which is affiliated with Anex, was named Mavi Gök Aviation (MGA Aviation) (Mavi Gök Aviation in Turkish means Blue Sky Aviation or Blue Sky).

According to available information, MGA Aviation received prior approval from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. “The process is proceeding quickly and the creation of the airline is planned to be completed in a short time,” experts add.

It will start work with four aircraft: two Boeing 737-900 and two Boeing 777 aircraft. Technical, engineering, accounting, financial, the logistics and quality organizations of the company are ready, according to Turkish sources. Flight personnel and flight attendants are being hired. “The airline will hire an experienced flight crew for a fleet of 4 aircraft, tentatively defined as 50 pilots. There were applications, but not enough applications were received. The question of hiring foreign pilots may be raised,” they added.

Let us recall that the Anex Tour tour operator is planning to operate the new carrier. Read the details in the TURPROM article “Anex made its move after Pegasus.”

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