Borders open: 6 EU countries have decided that they no longer ask for proof of vaccination from tourists

Borders open: 6 EU countries have been identified that no longer ask for proof of vaccination from tourists

As you understand , how to travel and live side by side with the coronavirus, as well as the approach of spring and summer holidays, six countries in Europe have removed anti-covid rules and stopped asking tourists to show proof of vaccination upon arrival. Thus, erasing the entry distinction for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers and returning them freedom of movement. These are Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Romania and Slovenia.


Hungary lifted its entry restrictions earlier this month. In announcing this decision, the Hungarian government said that all incoming travelers, regardless of their country of origin, can now enter the country without presenting a vaccination/recovery certificate or testing upon arrival.

In addition, Hungary has also waived most of its domestic anti-COVID restrictions. Tourists no longer have to worry about having or keeping a medical document valid to enter cafes, restaurants, bars, cinemas and museums.


Irish authorities have also announced earlier this month that the country would no longer require travelers to present a vaccination certificate when crossing the border. In addition, Ireland has also eliminated the requirement to complete a passenger location form.


The Icelandic authorities also supported the anti-covid relief and exempted tourists from all entry rules into their territory. While in Iceland, travelers may not comply with any national measures, as the country has also lifted them.

“All measures to combat COVID-19 at the Icelandic border have already ended. Thus, there will be no coronavirus prevention measures at the border, regardless of whether travelers are vaccinated or not,” the Icelandic authorities said in a statement.


< p>As with the three countries above, Norway has also allowed travelers to enter the country without restrictions. All tourists, including the unvaccinated, can freely enter Norway and not worry about complying with internal anti-covid rules, because there are practically none left.


Romania applies more lenient measures for the entry of tourists. In addition to removing the requirement to present a certificate of vaccination or recovery, the authorities have also removed the requirement to fill out a passenger search form.


Unlike Romania, the small country of Slovenia continues to enforce stricter infection-related rules. While all travelers, regardless of their country of origin, may now enter the country without having to provide proof of their vaccination or disease status, some categories of travelers are still required to complete a Passenger Locator Form.

Others countries

Other countries such as Germany, Italy and France have also relaxed some of their hygiene rules. Most of them no longer require travelers to have a certificate of vaccination/health or testing when visiting various public places and events.

New, and in fact, the old rules that were in force before the pandemic and practiced free entry to European countries, were met with enthusiasm by travelers, which cannot be said about the World Health Organization (WHO). The department urges not to relax and is cautious about the current situation. For example, the head of the WHO Regional Office for Europe said earlier this week that countries in the European bloc lifted their restrictions too soon. According to him, cases of coronavirus infection in the European Union are growing rapidly, as some countries abandoned their protective measures too early.

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