Breaking the blockade: 246 flights abroad are launched in Russia

Breakthrough of the blockade: Russia launches 246 flights abroad

The aviation hub in Sochi will receive additional development: Russian carriers are preparing to launch 246 new routes abroad from the regions with a connection in this resort capital of the Black Sea. The corresponding agreement was signed by the carriers with the Transport Clearing House. Among the airlines are the tour operator Nordwind, Ural Airlines, Utair, Azimuth and others.

As one of the initiators of the signing of the agreement, the Transport Clearing House (TCH), told Izvestia, its essence is that Rossiya Airlines flights abroad launched in early April will connect with flights of other airlines from the regions. Tourists will be able to buy a single ticket for such a through flight. “The conclusion of a new agreement will allow agents to sell tickets for flights from Russian regions abroad with a transfer in Sochi. For example, Ural Airlines will perform the first segment of the flight from Yekaterinburg to Sochi, and there the passenger will transfer to a Rossiya flight and fly abroad,” the experts explained.

We are not yet talking about expanding the range of foreign routes. Recall that Rossiya on Superjets flies from Sochi to Armenia (Yerevan), Egypt (Cairo), Israel (Tel Aviv), Turkish resorts (Istanbul, Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum), as well as to Uzbekistan. Read the details at the link. However, in Russia it is planned to sell tickets on 246 routes from Russian regions abroad with a transfer in Sochi. True, not all routes have flights and tickets yet, including them not on the website of Aeroflot and airlines.

The process is under development, experts specified to Izvestia. They added that Nordwind, Ural Airlines, Izhavia, Utair, Azimut, Nordstar, Yamal and Red Wings have joined the project. A total of 24 carriers signed the agreement. More than half of new flights to Sochi will be operated by Nordwind (52%), Utair (16%) and Azimuth (15%) will account for a large share. They will operate flights from 34 Russian cities, including Barnaul, Vladikavkaz, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Kaluga, Krasnodar, Magnitogorsk, Minvod, Norilsk, Salekhard and others.

We also recall in connection with these flights at the moment, Sochi airport is trying to solve the problem of baggage check-in. So far, tourists are forced to receive luggage upon arrival, and then re-register it and hand it over for the second flight.

As experts added, the main advantage of the project is that such through tickets should, in theory, be cheaper than if the passenger bought two separate tickets for two flight segments. Another important point is the loss of a connection (cancellation of a flight or delay of a passenger): within the framework of a single transportation, this risk is assumed by the ticket sales agent, and not by the tourist.

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