Came in large numbers here: Russians in the UAE were shocked by the attitude of Israeli tourists towards them

Come in large numbers here: Russians in the UAE were shocked by the attitude of Israeli tourists towards them

Israeli tourists were not enthusiastic about the Russian tourist flow, which after the events February 24 flooded into Israel. And they call the Russian-made vaccine nothing more than a “disgrace”. She told the shocking details of a conversation with a pair of Israeli tourists of retirement age who met a “wandering” traveler in Abu Dhabi on the Yandex.Zen channel.

The tourist complained that the Israelis are unhappy with the tourists who came in large numbers, who appeared at one moment. “This has never happened before, but now this situation is annoying the people of Israel. They don’t like that there are too many Russians,” the blogger wrote and added that there was no aggression from the host side yet.

Israeli travelers turned out to be aware of the problems of Russians with bank cards, but instead of sincere sympathy and financial aid “for bread” in the UAE, a couple of pensioners stunned the girl with another conclusion: the Russian vaccine has a useless composition and is considered a “disgrace” in Israel.

Here is an excerpt from the story of a tourist about the manifestation of “dissatisfaction with the medical achievement of a foreign country” on the part of the Israelis:

masks. And while we were chatting, they pulled them off with pleasure. Then they asked us about vaccinations, and when they heard “Sputnik-V”, they immediately pulled the masks back on. They apologized for the circus, but in their country the Russian vaccine is considered a disgrace. They did not hesitate to reproach our vaccine with a useless composition. In their opinion and the propaganda that is broadcast on TV, Sputnik-V does not protect in any way, but, on the contrary, “induces” people to get sick.

While we were sitting and talking, they unceremoniously spoke to us through masks. And it was insensitive. I don’t know what else they were told and why so publicly show their attitude?!”.

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