Cashback for Russian tourists began to be plundered

Cashback for Russian tourists began to be plundered

Travel cashback promotions led not only to an increase in domestic tourism, but also to major frauds. One of these was opened by law enforcement officers in Primorye. According to Interfax, the management of two travel companies in the region is suspected of embezzling budget funds on an especially large scale – and we are talking about the cashback allocated under the tourist cashback program. In total, scammers pocketed at least 83 million rubles. – at least, this is what the investigation implies.

“According to the investigation, the management and employees of travel companies illegally received up to 83 million rubles as tourist cashback. The heads of travel companies on fictitious grounds transferred up to 350 million rubles. to the accounts of relatives and friends. After that, they allegedly bought tourist products from these companies. They were credited with cashback, but no trips were made,” the experts explained. At the same time, cashback from the budget to the cards was regularly received – and 83 million rubles were earned in such a fraudulent way.

“Illegally obtained money was then transferred to the management and employees of travel agencies,” law enforcement officials specified. In addition, the defendants in the case are suspected of embezzling 45 million rubles from the budget of Primorsky Krai, allocated as a subsidy to compensate for part of the costs of building modular hotels in the Khasansky district of Primorye.

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