Citizens of Finland supported the ban on the issuance of Schengen visas to Russians

Young people advocate for maintaining ties with Russia

Finnish citizens supported the ban on issuing Schengen visas to Russians

Finnish citizens supported a ban on issuing Schengen visas to Russians

Most Finnish citizens are in favor of a ban on issuing Schengen visas to Russians Schengen visas. These are the results of a sociological survey conducted by the Finnish broadcasting company Yle.

58% of the surveyed Finns were in favor of the ban, and only 24% were against it. Another 18% of the participants did not decide on their opinion.

Most of all opponents of issuing visas to Russians are among elderly Finns (men over 50). On the contrary, young people (25-35 years old) are in favor of maintaining ties with the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the issue of a ban on issuing visas to Russians was raised by political parties in Finland. Officially in Helsinki they say that they will follow the general course of the European Union in this matter.


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