Complete surrender: popular country in Asia lifted all restrictions

Total surrender: popular country in Asia has lifted all restrictions

The country in Southeast Asia with the most stringent lockdown in the name of combating coviom, famous for, for example, suspending flights , which carried more than five “covid-positive” passengers, is finally capitulating, planning to lift all covid-19 restrictions. We are talking about Hong Kong, which will open to non-residents (i.e. tourists) from next month.

The rules are as follows: tourists will have to take a rapid Covid test at the airport. True, even those who test negative will have to go to a hotel specially designated for quarantine for seven days. So the easing is still doubtful, but the fact is fixed.

According to the government, “the previous order was too rigid, led to the suspension of various routes and easily disrupted the routes of people returning to Hong Kong.” By the way, for the “delivery” of covid passengers, the Asian microstate suspended more than 10 routes, including Cathay Pacific, Emirates and Qatar Airways flights. And UK and US airlines simply stopped flying to the country.

According to experts, while Hong Kong is lagging behind the general trend. Most of the countries of Southeast Asia are lifting restrictions on covid at a fairly rapid pace.

In Europe, the coronavirus is gradually disappearing from the agenda. So, the other day, Portugal completely canceled the “mask regime” and other covid restrictions. Read the details at this link.

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