Complete surrender: the richest country in Europe lifted all restrictions

Complete surrender: Europe's richest country lifted all restrictions

From May 2, Switzerland plans to lift the “remnants” of entry restrictions due to the pandemic, in fact capitulating to common sense and universal practice to remove covid barriers. The relevant information was provided by the State Secretariat for Migration.

In general, most of the restrictions in the country were canceled on April 1. However, the cancellation of May 2 is more significant for tourists. “From this day forward, the normal entry rules will apply,” the agency said in a statement. Moreover, including for citizens of third countries, and Russians, respectively. All they need is a Schengen or national visa – and one of the “bypass” routes in Europe.

Recall that there is a trend around the globe to lift covid restrictions. Recently, the mask regime was canceled in one of the popular resort countries, namely in Portugal. The obligation to wear masks has been lifted a few days earlier than expected. Also, for tourists, it was also canceled and it is mandatory to fill out forms before entering the country. Read the details at the link.

The Asian “bastion” has also “opened”, which did not give up its positions for a long time – Hong Kong promised to facilitate the entry of non-residents. The truth is still with a seven-day quarantine.

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