Conflicts and aggression between Russians and Ukrainians are growing in Turkey: the authorities issued a warning

Conflicts and aggression between Russians and Ukrainians are growing in Turkey: the authorities issued a warning

The most “hot” Russian and Ukrainian tourists have found a neutral “battlefield” for themselves – the tourist cities of Turkey. According to the Yandex.Zen channel, there have already been many clashes and open conflicts between the parties. We are talking about both verbal attacks and fights, and even damage to property. At the same time, local authorities wisely declared that they would not allow aggression and conflicts on a national basis among their guests.

According to media reports, since the beginning of the events of February 24, about 60 thousand Ukrainian citizens have moved to the Republic of Turkey, Russians, according to the same estimates, no less. Visitors have different goals: some come for a long time, others – in transit, choosing a different direction for themselves. They obviously do not remember the brotherhood of peoples, but immediately use their fists. Moreover, the Russian woman, who lives in the resort town of Alanya, noted that more than one side is the initiator.

By the way, while some Russians are moving en masse to Turkey and applying for a residence permit, others cannot escape from it. Read the details in the article “Turkey rings the bells: 3,000 Russian tourists cannot escape from the country after the events of February 24.”

“There are already examples of conflicts and aggression, there are no examples of punishment yet”, she wrote.

Here are some of them:

  • “According to the residents of Antalya, a representative of a well-known urban Ukrainian society posted a post on one of the social networks, where she openly threatened Russian citizens living and coming to Antalya. Antalya Russians wrote a statement to the gendarmerie.”
  • “In Alanya, Russians allow themselves offensive aggressive statements to strangers with signs of Ukrainian citizenship or with symbols of support for Ukraine.”
  • “There were cases when representatives of both nationalities were denied renting apartments.”
  • items. Residents also warn about cut tires and recommend leaving cars under cameras.

Fearing a negative development of events between the parties, the authorities of the Antalya province made a statement a few days ago that in the tourist region and in Turkey as a whole, “no manifestation of national hostility is unacceptable.”

“If citizens of any country living or vacationing in Turkey, they will show open aggression towards other people, they will be deprived of citizenship or a residence permit in Turkey, fined and deported,” the Russian woman quoted the resort administration as saying. ?

Russophobia “flourishes”. According to the Russian community of Antalya, in the last week alone, the city prosecutor's office received more than 200 applications from Russian tourists about threats and insults based on nationality.

In general, tourists were warned that anyone who is subjected to aggression on a national basis has the right to file an application with the gendarmerie or the prosecutor's office. With the execution and translation of documents, Russians will be assisted in the Russian community. You can complain about egregious cases of Russophobia to the Consulate of Antalya. This can be done, for example, by e-mail with details and photo and video recording of what happened. As for the affected Ukrainian tourists, they were advised to seek help from Ukrainian communities and the consulate.

In addition, both sides have the right to file a complaint about threats from everyone who officially resides in Turkey to the presidential administration through official website

In order for help to arrive quickly in case of an emergency, the Russian woman advised installing the Kades application on a mobile phone, originally created to protect women from domestic violence, and now relevant in other criminal situations. When you press one button in the application, a call is sent to the police. This option is useful if the tourist is in danger or he witnesses a conflict, quarrel or fight. However, registration requires a residence permit in Turkey.

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