Consul of the Russian Federation in Hurghada announced the export of Russians

The Consul of the Russian Federation in Hurghada announced the export of Russians

Export flights to Hurghada airport have been resumed – this information was announced by the Consul General of Russia in Hurghada Viktor Voropaev. According to him, two flights have already arrived at Hurghada airport, two more are expected. But in general, the number of flights in the coming days will gradually increase, reaching 20 flights a day – including the consul promised that “imported” flights will be restored.

At the moment, according to the diplomat, the Russian consulate in Hurghada urged tourists who are in Hurghada to return to Russia. At the same time, the consulate asks the stuck tourists who have problems with travel agencies that refuse to return to Russia to contact him directly – by phone or e-mail, it is also possible to contact Facebook blocked in Russia.

As Viktor Voropaev added, the two flights that arrived at Hurghada airport are the first two Russian flights after Moscow's decision to suspend international flights from March 8. He also reassured the Egyptian side that Russia has an intention to restore “imported” flights for tourists, their technical feasibility is currently being discussed. But given the declared intention to increase the number of flights to twenty a day, the return of Russian tourists is quite likely.

Egyptian media, citing this statement, add that the governor of the Red Sea province, where Hurghada and other resorts are located, Major General Amr Hanafi has already noted the great importance of Russian tourism for the region. “Russian tourism accounts for about 40% of inbound tourism to Red Sea resorts,” he said. However, the head of the region also noted that hard work is now underway to find alternative markets.

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