Dwarf state decided to become the new Dubai for tourists

The dwarf state has decided to become the new Dubai for tourists

Another country of the Persian Gulf presented a global tourism project, which plans to at least repeat the success of the Emirates and attract many tourists to the country. A $427 million resort development project was presented in Bahrain.

From the point of view of the initiators of the project, the new resort will help the country catch up with more popular tourist destinations in the Persian Gulf and make the country a sought-after beach holiday destination. The project will bring new beaches, floating restaurants, luxury hotels and water attractions to the coast of Bahrain, as well as a $221 million exhibition center that will be the largest in the Middle East.

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) began developing a master plan for the development of the resort as early as 2017, with construction due to be completed in 2026, with three-quarters of the projects submitted by the end of this year.

Experts say that Bahrain, an archipelago of 33 natural islands, received 4.3 million tourists a year before the pandemic. This is not even a fifth of the tourist flow to the same UAE – there the numbers reached 15 million. In 2020, the country lost 92% of the tourist flow. But she did not despair.

Nasser Kaedi, CEO of BTEA, noted that Bahrain has capitalized on the lull in tourism caused by global travel restrictions due to Covid-19 by using the time to implement tourism infrastructure projects. Bahrain's development plan calls for the construction of new public and private beaches, luxury hotels and floating restaurants on the coast of the island nation. Three large-scale projects are currently underway: the Galali Riverfront Project, the Bahrain Bay Project, and the construction of the new Bahrain Exhibition Center in Sakhir, which will cover more than 300,000 square meters.

“We are the only island nation in the Middle East This identity of the coastline of the island is very important for our value as a tourist destination,” said Mr. Kaedi.

By the way, Bahrain was included in the list of states with which Russia has fully restored air traffic.

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