Earthquake in the waters of Lake Baikal

Experts spoke about the incident.

Earthquake in Baikal water area

Earthquake in Baikal water area

Representatives of the Baikal branch of the Unified Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences reported that an earthquake occurred in the water area of ​​Lake Baikal on June 9.

According to seismologists, an earthquake with a magnitude of 4 points was registered at 6:57 local time. The epicenter of the shock was located on the southwestern side of the largest Baikal Peninsula, Svyatoy Nos.

The seismic event was also felt in the villages of Ust-Barguzin, Maksimikha, Adamovo (Buryatia), Onguren (Irkutsk region).

< p>Recall that increased activity in the Baikal rift zone has been observed since September 22, 2020, when the Bystrinskoye earthquake was recorded in the south of Baikal, the magnitude of which was more than 5 points.


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