Easter holidays: American tourists, German burghers and British vacationers have changed their priorities because of Ukraine

Easter holidays: American tourists, German burghers and British vacationers have changed their priorities because of Ukraine< /p>The unstable situation in Europe and the Russian special operation have led to the fact that the demand of European tourists, as well as overseas guests, has shifted significantly. Due to this, Spain wins. Such data was presented by the Spanish travel data analytics platform Mabrian Technologies. This study was based on searches for air tickets from England to Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Greece during the periods April 11 – May 1 and February 11 – March 8. According to experts, the number of orders increased during the Easter week in countries such as Spain and Portugal.

From the UK, the number of flights on these dates increased by 13.2% to Portugal and by 12.7% to Spain. At the same time, they fell to Turkey by 10.45%, and to Greece – by 8.15%. However, at the end of February, the decline was even more rapid – by 30-40%. At the same time, bookings in Spain and Portugal were restored within 5-6 days; but Turkey and Greece failed to recover even after 13 days.

Hotels are set to capitalize on this demand – especially after the pandemic crisis: average accommodation prices in Spain and Portugal rose in all categories for the Easter period. Portugal is in the lead – prices showed +15% in 3-star hotels, +6% in 4-star hotels and +17% in 5-star hotels. Spain lags behind, but not by much +14%, +4% and +9% respectively. However, Spain is 15% higher than its closest competitor Portugal in terms of average prices.

At the same time, the average prices for 3- and 4-star hotels in Turkey fell by -4% and -3%, but 5- star hotels – preferred by Europeans – rose 27 percent. Average prices for 3-star hotels in Greece decreased by 9%, while prices for 4- and 5-star hotels increased by 8% and 20%, respectively.

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