Easter with Radisson Royal Cruise Flotilla

Easter is a bright and family holiday, and the Radisson Royal Flotilla made sure that guests of the capital and Muscovites spend this day warmly, with coziness and comfort. On April 24, on all flights, each guest on board will receive a traditional Easter treat – a mini-cake.

A cruise around Moscow is a great option both for exploring the city and for a festive family leisure. A relaxing atmosphere and a full restaurant service await guests on board the yachts. During the walk, you can admire the bewitching views of the capital, which is especially beautiful in spring. The routes pass through the historical center of Moscow, and guests will see all the main sights of the city.

Easter with the Radisson Royal Cruise Flotilla

Guests can combine business with pleasure on board the Erwin. and buy delicious cakes for the holiday. On the occasion of Easter, two types of Easter cakes will be baked here: with chocolate and walnuts and with candied fruits and dried cranberries.

A river walk around Moscow will help you enjoy the long-awaited arrival of spring and make the Easter holiday warm and cozy. A circle of relatives and friends, a high level of service, the atmosphere of spring and the beauty of the capital outside the window – the perfect combination on this bright day.


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