Egypt covers “waves of unstable weather conditions”: tourists warned of the danger

Egypt hits 'waves of unstable weather': tourists warned of danger

“Unstable weather”, strong winds that could bring dust storms, as well as significant heat frightened tourists Egyptian Meteorological Office. “Unstable” weather should begin tomorrow Friday – and it will affect not only the Cairo region, but also the resorts of the Red Sea. Tourists are also urged to be careful during excursions to the “ancient Egyptian” cities – there the temperature can “go off scale” over 40 degrees. At the same time, “moderate temperatures” are promised at night.

However, according to the weather forecast, in general, the temperature is quite “resort”. In Hurghada in the next week – relatively tolerable hot weather, from +29 to +31 during the day and +21-24 at night. They promise clear weather and extremely active sun. The water in the Red Sea is +23 degrees.

It is even hotter in Sharm el-Sheikh – +31-34 degrees during the day and +24-26 at night. Water in the sea – up to +25. Tourists are urged not to forget to use sunscreen. They also warn that strong winds are possible.

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