Egypt has found a way to resume interrupted flights to Russia

Egypt found a way to resume interrupted flights to Russia

Despite various projects to replace the Russian market with the Chinese and Eastern Europeans, in general, Egyptian travel market experts are aware that, in fact, it will be difficult to replace it. And they are looking for alternatives. As Rami Fayez, a member of the Association of Tourism Investors in Marsa Alam, told the Egyptian media, Russia did not include Egypt and 9 other countries among those countries where flights are prohibited. Therefore, the country must find a way to restore Russian tourist flows.

For now, it is blocked due to the threat of arrest of Western aircraft of Russian airlines, so tour operators organize only export flights, and EgyptAir was also forced to cancel flights to Moscow due to insurance problems. But there is hope. “Russian travel companies are currently looking for another country for the opportunity to operate tourist flights to Egypt,” the expert reassured. Apparently we are talking about routes with transfers – already tested during the “closure” of Egyptian resorts from 2015 to 2020. Mr. Fayez also said that the name of this country will be announced in the coming days, “and the marketing of Russian flights to Egyptian tourist cities will resume.”

“After choosing an intermediary country from which Russian flights to Egypt will be operated, the process of launching flights may take some time in light of the current state of the Russian special operation and its economic consequences for Russian citizens,” he added. At the same time, the expert recalled that the price of “transfer” flights to Egypt has always remained higher than the cost of direct flights due to the duration of the trip, especially compared to direct charter flights from Russia to Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.

“Thousands of Russian tourists, who are still in Egyptian cities, are consistently transferred to Russia,” he added. And at the same time, he emphasized that the percentage of cancellations of upcoming bookings to Egypt is currently “insignificant.”

From the editors of Turprom, we add that at a time when Egypt was closed for direct flights, tour operators experimented, and quite successfully , with the delivery of Russian tourists to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh through Turkey) both Istanbul and Antalya were used), as well as through Israeli Eilat, and even through neighboring Jordan.

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