Egypt in April 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

In Egypt in In April, I not only sunbathed and bargained at the bazaars, but also rode all the excursions and saw all the proper places. At the local resorts, I rested in winter, summer, spring and determined for myself April as one of the most comfortable months for a trip.

Where is it better to relax in Egypt in April, is it possible to swim, do the winds interfere – I will answer the main questions in the text. And I will leave a selection with good hotels where it is not scary to go after the discovery of Egypt.

Is it worth going to Egypt in April?

Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

With each April day, the peak of the season is approaching, the “winter” weather is replaced by summer, the winds are leaving. But the sea brings and warms up slowly, but more on that in the next section.

If we compare with other popular countries at this time, Egypt comes out the winner. In Turkey and Cyprus it is still cool, you can’t swim in the sea. The UAE is hotter than Egypt, but is put off by entry rules requiring two PCR tests regardless of vaccination status, and lack of charters, which affects travel costs.

  • So, a tour to Egypt in April in a five-star all-inclusive hotel costs from 80,000 rubles, and to the Emirates – from 115,000 rubles.

Note:Ramadan falls in April this year. As such, there are no restrictions for foreigners in Egypt (unlike the UAE, where you cannot drink and eat on the street). The only thing that the reviews of tourists note is that a week before the start of Ramadan (April 2), Egyptians with whole families are massively settled in hotels – to relax, eat and have fun before a strict fast.

Rules for entering Egypt:

strong> Tourists over the age of 12 need to bring either a vaccination certificate or a PCR test 72 hours before departure. At the airport of Cairo and Hurghada, everyone pays a 30-day visa for $25; at Sharm el-Sheikh airport you can get a free stamp for 15 days, but you can’t travel outside of Sinai with it. If you want to see the pyramids, ask for a regular paid visa.

Beach holidays in Egypt – weather in April

Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

It's still in the middle of spring in Egypt there are winds – these unpleasant traces of winter that can get under a T-shirt and discourage the desire to swim. But to me, as an organism not particularly sensitive to cold weather, the wind did not interfere. Yes, and we rested in the second half of the month.

  • During the day the air temperature reached +30℃! But, to be honest, the sea at the same time did not look like everyone's favorite “fresh milk”. The water temperature in Egypt in April barely reaches +24℃ by the end of the month.

We calmly sunbathed and swam. In the evening, I put on a light sweater and enjoyed the evening coolness over a cocktail. Should I go to Egypt in April? Definitely yes! If I fly again, it will definitely be in April. It is already quite hot in May, and a little earlier the climate is really ideal.

Air and water temperatures in Egypt in April

In addition, the Egyptians do not know about rainy or cloudy weather in April – the whole month there are completely sunny days. On the street, it dawns already at 5 am, and it gets dark closer to 7 pm.

What is the weather like in Egypt in April?

Air temperature, ℃ Early April water temperature, ℃ End April water temperature, ℃
Sharm El Sheikh +27 +22 +24
Hurghada +26.5 +21.5 +23
Marsa Alam +26.5 +22.5 +24
Taba + 29 +21.5 +23

Resorts in Egypt are not limited to Sharm or Hurghada. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Egyptian resorts – where is the best place to relax in April?

Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in April &mdash ; 2022: weather, prices and reviews

SHARM EL SHEIKH:the resort where it is warmest in Egypt in April. Mountains shelter from the winds, there are small bays in which the water warms up faster. In addition, Sharm is the most accessible place for snorkeling and diving, it is here that the marvelous part of the Red Sea with reefs, colorful fish and turtles is located. Coral beaches are adjacent to sandy ones – and you can talk about everything for a long time, it is better to refer to our guide to the resort.

HURGADA:they say that it is cooler in Hurghada in April – and this is true. The sea temperature in Hurghada is lower, but a couple of degrees of heat is compensated by excellent beaches with a sandy sunset and active entertainment: water parks, some architectural sights (which cannot be said about Sharm), and even the Egyptian pyramids are closer.

Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

If you are traveling in the first half of April, it still makes sense to choose a windless hotel. You can count them on one hand in Hurghada:

  • 5* Prima Life
  • 5* Sunrise Royal Makadi
  • 4* Fort Arabesque
  • < li>3* Zahabia

TABA:resort for a relaxing holiday without clubs, bars and restaurants. The place is not distinguished by picturesque beaches, but in general, tourists are satisfied: holidays in Taba are cheaper than in popular resorts. In general, for the majority, Taba is a transit point in the excursion program from Sharm el-Sheikh to Jordan (it is still being carried out now, only a PCR test is needed at the Jordanian border).

MARSA-ALAM: the resort has an advantage over others – the most beautiful reefs in Egypt. In mid-April, many are already swimming, so diving in a wetsuit is quite possible. There is a professional diving center in Marsa Alam, so people usually come here to explore the underwater world.

Prices for tours to Egypt in April – 2022

How much is Egypt worth in April 2022? Here I will go over the prices for tours, but about independent trips – and how much they cost – we have a separate article.

First – where to look and book tours. On any of the three main aggregators, you have probably already heard (or used) about them:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Aggregators collect offers from all leading tour operators, sort them by benefit/popularity and make the life of a tourist much easier with the help of filters, real hotel reviews and the “here and now” buying process.

Holiday prices in Egypt in April:

– If we consider a tour with a departure from Moscow, then the initial level for both Hurghada and Sharm will be 65,000-70,000 rubles for 7 nights for two.

  • From Kazan, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara — from 70-75 thousand rubles
  • …and you can also fly to Egypt from dozens of other Russian cities

– A ticket to a 5-star hotel in combination with “all inclusive” costs from 75,000 rubles.
– If you add “a good hotel” to the previous paragraph, then the bar rises to 90,000 rubles for a week for two.
– Well , and according to tradition and seasonality, tours that fall on dates at the beginning of April are slightly cheaper than at the end of the month.

List of the best hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada< /h2>

Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in April &mdash ; 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Before talking about the hotels we stayed in (and I can definitely call them excellent, given how many bad hotels there are in Egypt), it is worth mentioning that it is better not to book any other accommodation: no apartments, no apartments, no villas.< /p>

I booked the hotel myself, because last April there was no talk of tours. Upon arrival, it turned out that we were on overbooking – there were no places at the hotel for the first night. I found a villa urgently on beautiful photos, swimming pool, kitchen, decorations. Adventures began already on the way: I noticed that within walking distance is approximately … nothing. The villa was in the desert! No Wi-Fi, no pool – it was dried up and abandoned. Only then they whispered to me that in Egypt you book private housing for good luck, despite the photos, reviews and descriptions. It's good that the next morning we were checked into a hotel 🙂

So, the selection!

Sharm el-Sheikh.< /p>

  • 5* Jaz Belvedere Resort is the hotel we chose for April. The misunderstanding with the first night was corrected by upgrading the room category from standard to comfort. I am satisfied with the hotel, I will note the pluses: polite friendly staff, new rooms, delicious food (which is not typical for Egyptian hotels), good animation and, most importantly, a large and beautiful area. But if you are afraid of the wind, choose it for the end of April..
    The cost of the tour for 7 nights: from 145,000 rubles
  • 4 * Tamra Beach Resort – a rare four with good reviews. People come here if they want to relax by the sea, with an excellent beach and on all inclusive, but at the same time a) as budget-friendly as possible, b) not in the “buggy”. And it’s also a lot of fun here: animators occupy a separate place in the hearts of tourists’ reviews.
    The cost of the tour for 7 nights: from 95,000 rubles
  • 5* FUN&SUN ACTIVE Tropitel Waves is a relatively new hotel from 2019. Everything in the hotel is on the level: food, service, rooms, territory. But there is one “but” – you have to walk ten minutes to the beach.
    The cost of the tour for 7 nights: from 100,000 rubles
  • 5* Il Merkato Hotel & Spa is a pretty state employee in the windless part of Sharm. Get ready for the fact that the low price is marked “city hotel” and a transfer to the sea by bus. But you can easily, in 20 minutes walk to the Old Town – a place of evening entertainment, where all other tourists get by taxi.
    Tour price for 7 nights: from 70 000 rubles
  • 5 * Domina Coral Bay Oasis – to relax in Egypt in April and not to freeze even at the very beginning of the month – a task that can be done in this hotel. Windless, huge and with a successful combo: a sandy beach and its own reef in the sea.
    The cost of the tour for 7 nights: from 95,000 rubles
  • 5 * Rixos Sharm El Sheikh – I call such hotels “so that there is no headache and cons … (name of the country) are bypassed.” I really wanted to go to this hotel, but everything was packed already in March! According to reviews, this is almost the best hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh – with a spacious territory, beautiful access to the sea, an interesting buffet and instagrammable views. But the prices… the prices in April are decently higher than the average in Egypt.
    The cost of the tour for 7 nights: from 210,000 rubles

Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews


In Hurghada, I stayed at the 4 * Sunny Days Resort Spa & Aquapark – I liked it, but now, in 2022, I don’t presume to advise it: tourists complain that the hotel has deteriorated. Although the price is nice.

Here are the hotels that still hold the brand:

  • 4 * Mercure Hurghada – for those who do not give up and want to find an adequate cost and quality hotel in Egypt. Snow-white houses in oriental style are very atmospheric! Plus, there is a beautiful sea unusual for Hurghada (it depends on the availability of reefs) and a large selection of sports entertainment. em>
  • 4 * Pick Albatros Aqua Blu – they say about the hotel: “better than many fives.” Nice territory, updated rooms, funny animation. The main advantage is the heated pools and the water park. For cool Hurghada, this is important. Of the minuses: a poor choice of food and poor Wi-Fi.
    The cost of the tour for 7 nights: from 100,000 rubles
  • 5* Sunrise Royal Makadi is the king of hotels in Hurghada. Thousands of reviews, high ratings. In addition, one of the rare hotels sheltered from the wind. They like to come to Sunrise on vacation with children: the “stuffing” is here – Turkey will envy. Well, adults are delighted with the buffet, alcohol and service.
    The cost of the tour for 7 nights: from 155,000 rubles
  • < /ul>

    Things to do in Egypt in April?

    Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

    Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

    Since the sea in Egypt in April not so warm to spend days in the water, you can take care of the entertainment program.

    Here I’ll give you a hint right away:

    • Getting closer to the pyramids from Hurghada;
    • Great diving and snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh;
    • You can get to Jordan, to Petra, only from Sharm and as part of an organized group;
    • You can view the entire range of excursions in Russian in Egypt and determine plans and expenses at home – there are two main Tripster sites for this. ru and

    Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

    Egypt in April &mdash ; 2022: weather, prices and reviews

    What to see and where to go in Sharm El Sheikh?

    Yacht trip + diving– this is the most popular excursion in Sharm; The Red Sea from all sides.
    Safari – I advise you to take time at sunset, then really appreciate the trip; in the heat, it's not much fun to travel across the sands.
    Moses Mount or Sinai is your option if you like hiking and hiking. Climbing the mountain takes place early in the morning to catch a beautiful sunrise.
    Dahab– a resort town near Sharm; with a European flair, year-round winds that attract kitesurfers, and the famous Blue Hole (aka vertical underwater cave).
    Pyramids – not close doesn't mean impossible! Excursions from Sharm are one- and two-day, in the latter case they also capture Alexandria.

    What to see and where to go in Hurghada?

    Cairo + pyramids – but from Hurghada, Cairo and the pyramids are the closest. In addition to the pyramids, I really liked the National Cairo Museum and the oil factory. I bought the best creams and perfumed oils there.
    Luxor– Another ancient city with typical ancient Egyptian buildings, but in addition to visiting the temples, the guides arrange a walk along the Nile. So, if you have a choice between Alexandria and Luxor, feel free to choose the second option.
    Water parks + sand sculptures museum – in principle, there are much more excursions in Hurghada than in Sharm: many options for safaris, walks on a yacht, trips that take no more than a day. Dolphinarium, water parks and the sand sculpture museum are ideal for families with children.

    Egypt in April — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

    Reviews about Egypt in April – pros and cons

    My review of Egypt in April is this: this is definitely one of the best months for a holiday. The weather is good (but perhaps the frostbites will not like it), the sun is not yet hot as hell, there are no ubiquitous school-age children – their vacation just ended in March, and the next one will come in May.

    In terms of the cost of rest, everything is also not bad: the sea is below + 25 ℃ and charters flying from almost any corner of Russia play in favor of tourists. The main concern is to choose between Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh.

    Pros of April Egypt:

    + Friendly for any budget
    + Sure plus 27 Celsius on the thermometer during the day!
    + You can arrive as before, without tests, simply by showing a certificate of vaccination
    + Planes fly to Egyptian resorts several times a week (or even every day) from many cities of the Russian Federation – from Kaliningrad to Irkutsk
    + Is it possible to swim in April? Water heated to +23℃…+24℃, and my experience says yes


    – You can freeze in the wind at the beginning of the month
    – Mango season is far away 🙁
    — Those for whom the normal temperature for swimming is the sea in Thailand will grumble from Egypt in April


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