Egypt is increasing the replacement of Russian tourists: Israeli airlines began flying to Sharm el-Sheikh

Egypt is increasing the replacement of Russian tourists: Israeli airlines have started flying to Sharm el-Sheikh

Instead of a massive Russian tourist flow, the country of the pyramids began to receive tourists from neighboring Israel. So, last Sunday, the first direct Israeli flight, owned by the country's largest airline ElAl, flew to Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport in Egypt. The carrier made the corresponding statement on Twitter.

Recall that earlier, in March, Egypt and Israel made a friendly step towards each other: the parties agreed to launch a direct flight between David Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and the airport in the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, and in October 2021 the Egyptian national Egypt Air makes the first commercial flight from Cairo to Tel Aviv. Air traffic between Israel and Egypt was interrupted a few years ago, previously flights from Cairo to Tel Aviv were operated by Air Sinai, an airline specially created for this purpose in 1982, which is unofficially a subsidiary of Egypt Air.

“We are pleased and excited launch of the first commercial flight to Sharm el-Sheikh. On the occasion of the historic takeoff, an opening ceremony was held before passengers boarded the plane,” the airline signed its post in connection with a significant event.

In addition, the official Kan channel reported that the second and third largest airlines in Israel, Arkia and Israir, will later open their direct flights to the same popular resort. Egyptian carriers will not be left out either, they have decided to launch flights for Israeli tourists on the same line.

“The flight takes only about an hour, and initially companies will be allowed to operate nine flights a week. It is expected that later their number will increase,” the airline added.

The resumption of cooperation was to the liking of Israeli tourists. Border guards at the Taba checkpoint, which serves to cross the land border between Eilat in Israel and the city of Taba in Egypt, witnessed heavy traffic from the Israeli side on April 17: about five thousand Israeli travelers “flowed” to Sinai. Mass activity is associated with the seven-day celebration of the Jewish Passover (Pesach), which began on Friday, April 15, and will last a week.

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