Egypt warns tourists to avoid streets and close windows

In Egypt, tourists were ordered to avoid the street and close the windows

If possible, tourists in Egypt were strongly advised to avoid the street and stay indoors, especially in Sinai, where the famous Sharm El resort is located Sheikh. The reason is the wind blowing from the Arabian Peninsula, which brought dust storms. Some users have already circulated footage on social media of Egypt being “clouded” with dust.

Dr. peninsulas. With the northeast wind, this dust moves to Egypt, especially Sinai.

The meteorologist noted that there is no need to worry, but it is better for certain categories of citizens to observe safety precautions and not appear on the street. This applies to those who have chronic respiratory diseases, for example.

Note that while in Sharm el-Sheikh, in addition, the weather is quite hot – +34-36 degrees. In the middle of the week, the temperature will drop, but very slightly – to + 30-31. Water in the sea – +25. At the same time, tourists are also warned about high solar activity.

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