Egypt will attract the most phlegmatic tourists to replace Russian vacationers

Egypt will attract the most phlegmatic tourists to replace Russian vacationers

The possibility of increasing the number of tourists from Finland and Estonia to replace the significantly reduced number of Russian vacationers was discussed with representatives of these countries by the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Egypt Gada Shalabi. Details were reported by the Egyptian media. As you know, the Finns and Estonians are considered by temperament to be very calm, balanced, unflappable and even phlegmatic – it was them who decided to attract the Egyptian authorities to their resorts.

Egypt's tourism sector was hit hard by the events around Ukraine, as tourists from Russia and Ukraine accounted for about 40 percent of beach tourism in the country of the pyramids, prompting the Arab state to look for new tourist markets, especially from Europe and Asia. Due to the conflict, hotel occupancy in Egypt's resorts has plummeted.

Shalabi reviewed the measures Egypt has taken to restart the influx of tourists, such as easier entry. Tourists from 78 countries are now allowed to obtain an emergency tourist visa on arrival or electronically.

Egyptian hotels are being re-evaluated against the new classification criteria to ensure their classification is suitable for the services they provide, the official said. For details, read the article “In Egypt, they decided to clean up the stars from hotels.”

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