Europe's most popular country for tourists has given up and lifted all restrictions… well, almost all

Europe's most popular country for tourists has given up and lifted all restrictions... well, almost all< /p> Spain will allow tourists without “covid” restrictions, … well, or almost without them, and some of the popular destinations, namely the resort islands, got rid of them almost completely. In particular, the Canary Islands have canceled all coronavirus restrictions: Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic accept tourists without any restrictions. The Balearic Islands should soon follow suit.

The expectation of a “huge number of tourists” also affects the lifting of restrictions throughout the country as a whole. Specifically, Spain has waived Covid testing and quarantine rules for anyone with mild or no symptoms of the virus. Those who become ill – including tourists – will be advised to avoid major social contact for seven days and wear a mask outside instead of quarantine. The mandatory test remains only for “people in a vulnerable position”. The mask regime also remains indoors.

Let us remind you that the sky over Spain, as well as over the whole of Europe, is closed for Russian tourists. However, for those who are especially interested – who have a valid Schengen – there are chances to “get through”. 29 airlines fly to Russia from the following countries:

  1. Algeria,
  2. Armenia,
  3. Bahrain,
  4. Belarus,
  5. Venezuela,
  6. Israel,
  7. India,
  8. Iraq,
  9. Iran,
  10. Kazakhstan,
  11. Qatar,
  12. Kyrgyzstan,
  13. Morocco,
  14. Mongolia,
  15. UAE,
  16. Serbia,
  17. Syria,
  18. Tajikistan,
  19. Turkmenistan
  20. Turkey
  21. Uzbekistan

According to experts, some of the destinations open to Russians, primarily the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, allow them to go further, to other destinations. Tourists are told that among these destinations are such countries as Turkey, Vietnam, UAE, Armenia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Nepal, Malaysia, India, Azerbaijan, Cape Verde, Qatar, Peru, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Brazil. Moreover, some countries, having closed the skies for Russians, did not close the issuance of visas – experts assure – allegedly visa centers continue to issue visas in Slovenia, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Spain, and Italy. Read about the remaining “windows to the outside world” here.

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