Europe's most popular country for tourists reopens to Russians

In Europe, the most popular country among tourists has reopened for Russians

visas in Moscow. The relevant information was published on the website of the Consulate General of the Fifth Republic.

“Recently, restrictions on entry into France related to the COVID-19 pandemic were eased for those arriving from Russia. Enrollment for a visa is now possible for a large number of categories of applicants. It is also stated that potential tourists will not need a vaccine qualification – i.e. You do not need to provide a certificate of vaccination. Moreover, visas are not issued “in exchange for lost ones”: there is also no need to confirm the presence of a previously issued French visa.

True, it is noted that “obtaining a visa does not mean automatic permission to enter the country.” Tourists were advised to check the information about the absence of restrictions for crossing the border on the website of the French Ministry of the Interior. At the same time, we note that the sky over France – as well as over the whole of Europe – is closed for the “access” of Russian tourists. However, there are workarounds.

France is not the only such country. Back in early March, a sudden dissonance against the background of the “hysteria of closures and sanctions” for Russian tourists throughout the European Union sounded a statement published on the official website of the Italian visa center in Moscow. It literally said the following: “We inform you that from 03/01/2022, the acceptance of documents for issuing tourist visas to Italy is resumed. Documents are accepted by appointment. Tourists were also provided with a list of required documents and asked to familiarize themselves with the entry procedure. Read more at this link.

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