Everything will turn upside down: after the events of February 24, tectonic shifts began in world tourism

Everything will turn upside down: after the events of February 24, tectonic shifts began in world tourism< /p> The vector of tourism will continue to “shift” to Asia, and today's geopolitical shifts will only exacerbate this trend. This was stated by Turkish experts from the Ekin Group, assessing the data on how many tourists come to Turkey on package tours, from which countries and markets and who brings these tourists, the following facts attract attention.

They recalled that in connection with the Russian special operation, “a total of 6.5 million tourists from the two countries who arrived in 2021 is out of the question, at least this year.” However, they further developed such a statement “while the incoming market in Turkey for many years was predominantly European led by Germany, in recent years it has become predominantly Asian led by Russia” (that most of the tourists “supplied” to Turkey, comes from the European part of Russia, Turkish experts clearly failed).

“Turkey's number one tourist destination market is no longer Germany as a country and TUI as a company. Germany has been replaced by Russia, and TUI has been replaced by tour operators of Turkish origin,” the experts added. However, they noted that companies working with these countries are also seeing growth in “silent but steadily growing markets. Among them are the Balkan countries, the Baltic States and Poland.

However, the global vector is shifting towards Asia, Turkish experts assure. Europe accounted for 55% of all tourists in 2005, now accounting for 46%, while the share of the Asia-Pacific region has increased from 19% to 27% over the same period. UNWTO, according to the Turks, states that the center of tourism development has already moved from Europe to Asia. And Turkey is a witness to this. “If in 2000 the share of European countries in the total number of visitors to Turkey was 67%, then in 2020 it decreased to 44%, over the same period, the share of Asian countries increased from 10 to 16%,” Turkey added.

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