Exhausting inferno begins in Egypt

Debilitating heat has begun in Egypt

Beginning on Tuesday, April 5, sweltering heat came to Egypt. Tourists will certainly notice a sharp increase in temperature in the resort and excursion regions: in Hurghada + 40 ° C, in Sharm el-Sheikh + 41 ° C, in Cairo + 39 ° C. Nevertheless, by the end of the week, the temperature should drop to benign values, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) said.

Since Tuesday, very hot weather has been established in the country during the day, but the humidity in the air masses during the day, according to weather forecasters, is still low, which is why tourists do not yet feel such terrible heat as in summer. According to the weather forecast, the heat will subside towards the end of the week. Already on Friday, +32°C is expected in Cairo, and on Saturday – up to +30°C.

The maximum temperatures recorded on Tuesday are as follows:

  • Alexandria: + 36°C
  • Mersa Matruh: +37°C
  • Cairo: +39°C
  • Hurghada: +40°C
  • Sharm El Sheikh: +41°C
  • Kena: +41°C
  • Aswan: +41°C

Meteorologists have warned that direct exposure to the sun should be avoided these days. In addition, the meteorological office issued an announcement about dust clouds that formed over the territory of the Egyptian desert. A sand-dust storm is observed in South Sinai (Sharm el-Sheikh), in the mountains and in the south of the country, and now it has reached Turkish Antalya. Read the details in the article “A new misfortune has come to Antalya from Egypt: it has become difficult for tourists to breathe.”

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