Exhibition “Vulnerable. Asian Diary” at the Museum of Oriental Art

May 18, the State Museum of Oriental Art presents the exhibition project Vulnerable. Asian Diary”

Exhibition “Vulnerable. Asian Diary” />

Exhibition “Vulnerable. Asian Diary”. Asian Diary” at the Oriental Museum

Exhibition “Vulnerable. Asian Diary» is part of a large art project “Vulnerable” dedicated to the culture of small ethnic groups in Asia and Africa. As part of this project, the Museum of Oriental Art in 2021 hosted the exhibition Vulnerable. African Diary”, while the real exhibition will introduce viewers to the peoples and cultural artifacts of such Asian countries as Myanmar and Indonesia.

About 40 photographs of the author of the project Olga Michi, a talented photographer, documentarian and collector of oriental works.

The exposition will be complemented by more than 70 items of Asian decorative and applied art, most of which were donated by Olga Michi to the Museum of Oriental Art. Olga Michi considers important goals of the project not only to show the unique traditions of small ethnic groups, but also to preserve the cultural heritage and various forms of self-identification of peoples who become “vulnerable” in the face of inevitable global changes in the modern world.


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