FAS has taken up the forecasts of prices for vacations: they are not ordered to rise in price

“Special operation” time turns into sudden warnings for workers of the tourist market. According to TASS, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia issued warnings to officials of the tour operators Multitour and Delfin, as well as the Atelika Hotel Group.

The reason, according to the agency, was “their statements in the media about the increase in prices for summer vacations in Russia”: representatives of tour operators in their expert forecasts allowed an increase in prices for vacations in Russia by 10-30%. FAS assumes that such statements can be perceived by participants in the tourism services market – that is, hoteliers – as a guide to action. This is exactly what the FAS did not like.

“The agency issued warnings to officials of the tour operators Multitour and Dolphin, as well as the Atelika Hotel Group, about the inadmissibility of committing actions that could violate the Law on Protection of Competition. Public statements by officials about the predicted increase in prices can be perceived by business entities that provide tourism services as a guide to action. As a result, this can lead to unreasonable price increases and excessive demand for such services,” the FAS said in a statement.

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