First prices for flights to Israel published

First prices for flights to Israel published

Israel has become one of 52 countries with which Russia will officially remove all restrictions on air travel on Saturday. However, so far, under the conditions of air sanctions, there are not so many real flights: the Israeli El Al flies from Moscow to Tel Aviv, as well as two air carriers announced flights on Superjets from southern airports – Azimuth has already taken off from Minvod, Rossiya plans to take off in April from Sochi.

Obviously, the amount of transportation keeps prices high. According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, the prices and offers for the May holidays are as follows:

  1. El Al flies to Moscow 6 times a week. In the first week of May, a ticket from Moscow to Tel Aviv will cost from 716 euros (65 thousand rubles) one way.
  2. Rossiya announced daily flights from Sochi to Tel Aviv already in April. For the May holidays, there are still tickets for the Sochi-Tel Aviv flight from 22,952 rubles. one way.
  3. Azimuth currently flies three times a week from Mineralnye Vody to Tel Aviv. From the end of April, the frequency of flights will increase to four per week. On the May holidays, the flight will cost from 22,200 rubles. It was noted that the carrier plans to restore flights from other southern airports as soon as they are opened. This applies primarily to Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar.

The experts also reminded that for entry, our tourists will need to pass two PCR tests: one before departure and one more upon arrival in Israel, as well as fill out an entry declaration 48 hours before departure. At the same time, they will not need a “vaccine passport” – neither for checking into a hotel, nor for visiting other places in demand among tourists. The “mask regime” is still in force – but only indoors.

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