Five reasons to plan your May holidays at Siyam World

Siyam World – An Island of Opportunity, Redefines the Traditional Maldives Experience

Five reasons to plan your May holidays at Siyam World

Five reasons to plan your May holidays at Siyam World

Siyam World – the island of opportunity, is changing the traditional concept of holidays in the Maldives. The large space of the hotel, a huge list of entertainment programs and opportunities allows the hotel to provide guests with a completely new and unique approach to vacation.

Reason number one! Siyam Water World— the largest floating inflatable water park in the Indian Ocean, designed by German innovators in sports parks. Connected by winding turns and bridges, the fun circuit of challenging obstacles covers an area of ​​2580 square meters. m. and includes obstacles, slides, a climbing tower and a 3.2-meter springboard, as well as a “flip” — the first free floating water catapult.

Reason number two! The only island in the Maldives that has its own stable ranch! 4 members of the Siyam World family at the – These are rare Marwari horses from India. They are accustomed to a humid and hot climate and delight guests with morning and evening walks. The horses themselves are very comfortable at the Siyam World Horse Ranch. To integrate them into island life, there are stables with stalls, rooms for feed and harness, extensive fenced pens and fields where horses can frolic freely, as well as a complete set of equipment for caring for them. Each is looked after by experienced grooms and a horse veterinarian permanently located on the island. Regular inspections by the Ministry of Agriculture ensure constant independent oversight of animal welfare.

We frolic, swam, rode horses, sure! Now you don't mind eating at all! And that's reason number three! Every gourmet will find their favorite restaurant or bar on the island, as there are 14 of them on the island. Buffet offers various cuisines of the world in Tempo or Baarabaru, where the latter has a way of cooking – open kitchen, Authentic flavors and tastes of traditional Spanish cuisine in Andalucia or exquisite Thai Cuisine at Takrai, Japanese cuisine or seafood, Indian dishes or a grill restaurant with an excellent wine cellar, only fresh products and unique recipes are served in any restaurant. “Vagabond” gaadiyaathe cart with local food and delicacies is sure to offer something unique that you have never tasted before.

And here it should be noted that the hotel works only on the WOW!All Inclusive meal plan! The package includes all restaurants and bars, as well as an unlimited range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. The package includes not only food, but also a large list of other activities: aqua aerobics, children's zumbini classes, dance shows, pool parties, group wellness sessions, sunset cruises and snorkeling safari, and necessarily unlimited access to Siyam Water World, the largest floating water park in the Indian Ocean.

Children's club on the island – this is a separate world of children's paradise and fun! All club programs are divided into interests by age and have a very rich program. Children will not only have the opportunity to have their own holiday, but will also learn a lot thanks to the club's employees and their daily work to improve and develop new entertainment for children. Well, if your children are busy with their own program, why not spend this time on yourself. Why not ride your own slide from your terrace in your villa? Several categories of water villas provide this opportunity. By the way, the island has a very rich choice of categories for living, there are 19, 7 types of villas on the water, 6 on land and 6 absolutely incredible residences that belong to the Beach House collection and have many privileges not only for accommodation, but also for activities and gifts. due to living in these categories.

And you can go to Veyo Spa, where a number of signature treatments have been developed to relax and renew the body and freshen thoughts and feelings. Traditional scrubs based on coconut and coffee will make your body even softer and silkier, and a special massage based on various herbs will nourish you with the healthy forces of this exotic land.

And finally, a stunning house reef. Siyam World – this is one of the largest islands in the Maldives created by nature itself, since the island was not artificially formed, the entire house reef and its inhabitants were preserved in their native habitat untouched and became one of the best places in the region.

Actually there are many more reasons to visit Siyam World than 5, the word World in the name of the hotel– means peace. And this is not just a name, the island really is, in fact, a separate world among other islands, which has a lot of amazing and incredible


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