For Russian digital nomads in Thailand, the conditions of a 10-year visa have changed

10-year visa conditions for Russian digital nomads in Thailand have changed

On May 11, Thailand updated the 10-year visa program for digital nomads and wealthy Russians. To obtain documents, you will need a contract with a foreign company and 5 years of work experience in the relevant field.

As Thai media noted, the cabinet announced some adjustments to the 10-year visa program that could make the digital nomad lifestyle a viable option for certain categories of people in a tropical country.


em>: digital nomads are usually employed in digital, information technology and other online jobs. This is a category of people who live, travel and continue to work at the same time, using the Internet as their main tool for making money.

It is clarified that the visa is intended for four groups:

  1. rich Russians and other foreigners
  2. wealthy pensioners
  3. digital nomads
  4. highly skilled specialists, some of them also belong to digital nomads

Digital nomads (the last two groups listed), must meet the requirements of two mandatory conditions in order to be eligible to participate in the state program and receive a visa for a period of 10 years:

  1. An employment or service contract with a Thai or foreign company is required.
  2. Proof of 5 years of work experience in the relevant field must be provided, completed within 10 years from the date of application.

In order to attract as many applicants as possible, the Cabinet of Ministers also announced that they would halve the one-time fee for a visa: instead of 100,000 baht, you now need to pay 50,000 baht (93 thousand instead of 186 thousand rubles). Holders of a 10-year visa are allowed to bring their spouse and up to four children under the age of 20 to the Land of Smiles.

The changes will take effect 90 days after they are officially announced in the royal newspaper. To apply for a visa outside of Thailand, tourists need to contact the nearest embassy or consulate of the kingdom. To apply in Thailand, please contact the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok.

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