For the Russians slammed another window to travel abroad

Another window to travel abroad has been closed for Russians

Another air carrier has “covered” flights to Russia – we are talking about the Indian Air India, which has currently stopped selling tickets on the Delhi – Moscow – Delhi route. What the specific reason is not reported, however, we recall that most of the foreign airlines that refused to fly to Russia – including Vietnam Airlines, Royal Maroc and others – were “landed” by threats of sanctions from British-based air insurers.

В A message in the telegram channel of the Russian Embassy in India specifies only the following: “Please note that Air India has stopped selling tickets on the Delhi-Moscow-Delhi route. The prospects for the resumption of flights remain uncertain at the moment.”

The embassy also said that according to the Air India office, funds for previously purchased tickets for canceled flights can be returned to passengers in full. Previously, Air India flew to Moscow twice a week.

For tourists and citizens wishing to get to India, the Russian Embassy indicates that it is currently possible to use transit flights. Routes can be built through Tashkent, Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and other directions.

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