Foreign destinations that are of interest to Russians for the summer

Travel planning service OneTwoTrip told which countries Russians want to go to in the upcoming summer season. To do this, we analyzed the search queries of the service's customers for flights from June 1 to August 31.

Foreign destinations of interest to Russians for the summer

More than 40% of travelers in the summer are interested in flights abroad. Among the countries, Turkey is the most popular with a share of searches of 20.8%, Armenia is in second place (9%), and Azerbaijan closes the top three (7.7%). In addition, the list includes Uzbekistan (6.6%), Kyrgyzstan (5.3%), Kazakhstan (3.8%), Georgia (3.6%) and Tajikistan (3.5%). Italy with a share of searches of 2.7% and Thailand (2.6%) were also in the top.

Among these destinations for summer trips, flights to Armenia will be the most profitable — the average ticket price per person is 12,200 rubles one way. An average ticket to Kyrgyzstan costs 12,700 rubles, and for 13,700 rubles you can go to Tajikistan.


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