Foreign ticketing systems may be banned in Russia

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation proposes to ban Russian airlines from using foreign ticketing systems.

Foreign ticketing systems may be banned in Russia

According to representatives of the department, such a measure will reduce the risks of destabilizing air travel amid sanctions. The Ministry of Transport proposes to consolidate the following:

  • Exclusive rights to the automated information system for air transportation and all systems in its composition should belong to the Russian Federation or a Russian organization;
  • In the supreme management bodies of these organizations and their founders should not include foreign citizens, Russians with citizenship of a foreign state, stateless persons, foreign legal entities;
  • The system should not have forced updating and management from abroad;
  • Warranty service of the system must be on the side of an organization from Russia;
  • The system operator must be a Russian organization;
  • Servers and databases of systems must be located in the Russian Federation.

“Restricting or blocking access to domestic airlines using systems that companies located in foreign countries have access to increases the risk of destabilizing passenger traffic … Activities related to I with the development, creation and operation of an automated system for registering air transportation, in order to ensure the sovereignty of the Russian Federation in the performance of air transportation, should be carried out on the basis of domestic components by organizations-residents of the Russian Federation “,” Izvestia quotes an explanatory note to the project.< /p>


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