From 1100 euros per night: Russians rushed to buy luxury hotels in Turkey

From 1100 euros per night: Russians rushed to buy luxury hotels in Turkey

VIP tourists from Russia who can't get to their favorite European resorts are rapidly buying up places in luxury hotels in Turkey, where prices per night start at 1,100 euros and go up to 5,000 €. They are actively “helped” by wealthy Europeans who have also tasted the elite resorts in Turkey. This assessment of the situation was voiced by Volkan Buyukhanly, a member of the Board of Directors of Büyükhanlı Kardeşler Group, an investor in the Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in Bodrum resort. Note that this resort opened the season on April 7 – and the Russians remain among the main four markets that “stand out among the new seasonal hotel bookings.” In addition to Russians, these are rich tourists from Great Britain, the USA and “generalized” Europe.

“High-income tourists primarily preferred Greece, Southern France and Southern Italy, however the pandemic has adjusted this route in favor of Bodrum. Many tourists came to Bodrum for the first time and were satisfied. We believe this will encourage more high-income tourists to prefer Bodrum in the coming period – and we, as Bodrum, can continue to enjoy a significant share of this pie,” Mr. Buyukhanli assured. He also stressed that there is a high demand for both sale and long-term rentals in the resort residences, including “very high” demand from Russians.

“Russia is a very important country for our tourism sector . Therefore, the continuation of the crisis can lead to large losses. However, requests from Russia continue to come in intensively. We see a great demand for our residences, especially from the Russians,” said the “luxury” hotelier. As a result, Caresse expects a very high occupancy rate this year, despite the high price.

“We are among the 4-5 international hotel brands that are positioned as the top segment in the Bodrum region. In the high season, the cost of our rooms, including breakfast, starts from 1,100 euros per night and goes up to 5,000 euros per night, depending on the room category,” said Mr. Buyukhanli.

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