From a compatriot in the hotel, my eyes began to twitch: a Russian woman in Egypt spoke about “Tagil on vacation”

A Russian woman who vacationed in Egyptian hotels and then stayed in one of the country's resort towns told a story from her life when on vacation she was pursued by an “forever young, forever drunk” compatriot. In addition, she shared her observations about whether there is a so-called “tagil” in Egypt now. This, of course, is not about the inhabitants of a large and respected Russian industrial center in the Urals, but about the “marginal” layer of vacationers, who, thanks to the TV series Our Russia, have been given the name of this city.

“One very cheerful comrade walked on the heels and constantly called to some kind of party. When we saw him, we tried to quickly retreat behind the nearest column or tub with a palm tree, because he did not want to accept any refusals. This was the only case when my compatriot on vacation started to twitch my eye, ”the compatriot recalled on the pages of her blog in Yandex.Zen. However, the author did not recall more obvious cases of clashes with Russians in hotels.

As for the current situation in the resorts of Egypt, the image is from the 90s and early 2000s, which are called the capacious word “Tagil”, according to Russians, remained in the past. Mostly in Egypt, “adequate people” come to rest. At the same time, Russians continue to visit hotels on the Red Sea, who have little command of English, which is still international. There are many of those. To understand the level of language proficiency, this is “two bear and orange juice,” the blogger assured. “For the rest, people are people. Some are more intelligent, some are less, but on the whole they do not stand out too much from the bulk of vacationers, ”she summed up, so the fact of being close to compatriots in a foreign hotel no longer worries Russians so much.

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