From St. Petersburg, charters are launched immediately to Turkey and Egypt: prices and schedules have been published

Charters to Turkey and Egypt are launched from St. Petersburg immediately: prices and schedules are published

Schedule details and the prices of its flight program from St. Petersburg was presented to tourists by the tour operator Biblio Globus. Recall that flights to Antalya and Hurghada will start this week. A charter program has been announced on Red Wings flights, on Boeing 777-200 liners.

The details are as follows:

  • The program to Antalya will begin on Saturday, April 16th. Two flights a week are announced – approximately until the end of October.
  • The program to Hurghada starts on Sunday, April 17th. Flights are also scheduled twice a week until October.

The tour operator is ready to offer more than 450 hotels from 5 * to 3 * – both on the coast of Turkey and in Hurghada. Prices for Turkish “three rubles” at the time of the start of the program start from 94 thousand rubles for two; for “fours” – from 95 thousand rubles, “five” will cost 96 thousand. May prices fly up – in three stars prices from 127 thousand, and 124 thousand rubles. in higher quality hotels. “Premium” hotels like “Rixos” “go wild” almost under 400 thousand per week.

In Egypt, at the start of the program, prices are 144 thousand for “four” and 146 thousand for “five stars”. On May prices 162 thousand rubles. and 172 thousand respectively. At the same time, prices will drop on summer dates, but only slightly.

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