Germany clarifies current entry rules for all tourists

Germany explained to all tourists the current entry rules

Germany continues to stay on course with anti-COVID entry rules for tourists, although the epidemiological situation has improved and the summer holiday season is approaching. In addition to Germany, three more countries of the European Union continue to maintain entry rules for tourists in connection with COVID-19 – these are Italy, France and Portugal. The authorities of the listed regions require all tourists to present valid documents stating their “covid” status.

Based on a statement from the German Federal Foreign Office, it has become clear that currently all persons over 12 years of age must present proof of covid status when entering Germany – a certificate of vaccination, recovery or a negative PCR test. Everyone over the age of 12 is required to carry proof of their COVID-19 status if traveling to Germany.

German authorities were expected to loosen entry rules last month. However, officials went against the global trend and extended them until the end of May. People with expired COVID-19 documents will not be allowed to enter Germany. So, if we are talking about a vaccination certificate, then tourists need to make sure that they have undergone primary vaccination with the drug in the last 180 days or have been revaccinated. At the same time, the authorities emphasized that only those vaccines that are approved by the EMA or WHO are accepted as valid proof of vaccination (“Sputnik V” is not accepted).

If a tourist enters with a certificate of a recovered person, then the document will be accepted in the event that travelers were officially ill with covid within the last 90 days. Those without a certificate of vaccination or recovery must present a negative PCR or rapid antigen test.

Germany continues to require travelers to comply with entry rules despite a stable situation and high vaccination rates. However, the country is expected to ease some of its strict rules in the coming months. Germany has recorded 365,430 new cases of COVID-19 in the past seven days, according to the WHO.

At the same time, the Germans themselves poured into all resorts with a deafening increase of 353% – details here.

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