Germany lifted even more restrictions

Germany lifted even more restrictions

In Germany, another restriction has been lifted: now quarantine for those who have caught the coronavirus will only be carried out “on a voluntary basis.” The federal government has decided to lift the obligation to quarantine Covid-19 contacts as of May 1.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach announced that the application of the lockdown, which will be officially lifted as a mandatory measure from that date, will only be “strongly recommended” and will be based on a “voluntary basis”. “The current rules work, but in the long term this is not necessary,” he said, but urged those who contracted the coronavirus, who were in contact with “covid”, as well as those who visited “covid-unsafe” countries as a tourist, “to continue regularly check yourself for coronavirus.”

So there will be no mandatory isolation for visitors. The mandatory quarantine period in Germany is currently 10 days. However, people who have contracted or been exposed to the coronavirus may be released from quarantine if they test negative after 7 days. Mandatory quarantine will remain only for those who work in medical institutions or nursing homes.

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