Horror on the tour: the gate beheaded the tourist, shocking others

Horror on the tour: the gate beheaded the tourist, shocking others

Over 140 million dollars from the US government and the national park is required by the victims for the terrible tragedy that happened to the tourist. The incident itself happened back in 2020, when tourist Ludovic Michaud and his new wife Esther Nakajigo were driving through Arches National Park. The day was quite windy – this was the reason that the gate collapsed on their car, which broke through the passenger door and literally decapitated the tourist.

As a result, the widower and his wife's family are demanding damages in the amount of 140 million dollars. They claim that the US Park Service was negligent and did not properly maintain the gates and barriers, which led to Nakajigo's death. In general, the court does not even dispute that park officials are responsible for this, but argue that the amount to be awarded to the family is much less, at $3.5 million, and question the ways in which the required compensation is calculated.< /p>

Our note: Arches National Park (“Arches” in Russian translation) is a 120-square-mile desert landscape near Moab, Utah. The park is visited by over 1.5 million people annually. The main attraction, which gave the park its name, is huge rocks in the form of orange sandstone arches, which have been “built” by water and wind over the centuries.

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