Hotels in Egypt and Turkey received a call to no longer accept Russian tourists

Hotels in Egypt and Turkey received an appeal not to accept Russian tourists anymore

Hotels in Turkey, as well as Egypt, are under pressure from Ukrainian politicians. Using the language “not corresponding to diplomatic”, they are trying to push through the decision not to accept Russian tourists in hotels.

In particular, according to Turkish media reports, Vasily Bodnar, the Ukrainian ambassador to Ankara, recently attacked Firuz Baglykaya, president of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB), on his social media account. It was there, “in a language that does not correspond to the diplomatic one,” the ambassador called on travel agencies not to work with TÜRSAB – due to the fact that the association works with Russian tourists.

Further, their Ukrainian colleagues distinguished themselves – i.e. Association of travel agencies of Ukraine. Its executive director, Pavel Grigorash, also demanded that Turkey not accept Russian tourists. Rather, he demanded to “explain the situation”, referring to the hoteliers in Turkey and Egypt. At the same time, he unequivocally threatened hoteliers: “It is not good to receive guests from two countries in hotels at the same time. In these cases, conflicts can arise and this will damage the hotels. Therefore, Turkey should not accept Russian tourists,” he cries.

However, given that most of the Turkish experts “cancelled” Ukraine as a market for this season, not expecting clients from there, but for tourists from Russia there are still smoldering hopes – the prospects for such appeals are not very promising.

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