How I travel the world with one 40 liter backpack: showing what I take with me

How I travel the world with one 40 liter backpack: showing what I'm taking with me

I bought this red backpack five years ago, and since then it has been with me on every new trip. And when I fly by plane, and when I go by car, I fill this comrade to the top with all sorts of tourist stuff and go on my next trip to Uzbekistan, Kamchatka, Spain or wherever else.

With a modest volume of only 40 liters, you have to think carefully about what to take with you. But over the past five years, I have already roughly understood how many things fit in my red backpack, and I almost always have enough of it. The only exception was last year's road trip to Pomorye, when the size of the trunk allowed you to take more things, and the thirty-degree frost overboard obliged you to stock up on warm clothes.

How I travel the world with one backpack 40 liters: I show what I take with me

A burner and a gas bottle often live in a red backpack

So, what do I usually have in a red backpack. First of all, these are hygiene products and a first aid kit, the size of which will amaze many travelers. Everything is clear with hygiene: a brush, toothpaste, a razor and other standard things. But I make up a first-aid kit so that there is a medicine for any case.

For example, in December last year in Turkey, I was not lucky enough to contract an already unfashionable disease. True, it didn’t make it any easier for me: it was notably sausage. It’s good that there were antipyretics, vitamins, and antivirals in the first aid kit. Each country has its own rules for the sale of drugs in pharmacies: the most common drugs for us can be sold by prescription. Therefore, in order to avoid problems, I always collect as many potions, powders, tablets and other bandages with brilliant green as possible: it is better not to use them than to be needed, but they will not be at hand.

How I travel the world with one 40 liter backpack: showing what I'm taking with me

A red backpack complete with two sleeping bags and a tent

Next come things for camping, if on a trip I plan to stay not only in hotels, but also sleep in a tent. A camping set of saucepans, a spoon, a cup and a burner with gas so that any canned food can be heated in a matter of minutes. To be honest, I have not traveled “with full gear” for a long time. These days I'm increasingly staying indoors.

But there was a time when I traveled in Spain, Portugal and France with a tent, and then also rode a bicycle in the Canary Islands, also sleeping under the stars. I had to constantly carry at least a one and a half liter bottle of water for tea with me and just " for a drink" plus some food. All in all, there were fun times…

How I travel the world with one 40 liter backpack: I show what I take with me

Halt on lunch somewhere in the Andorran mountains looked something like this

The rest of the space is occupied by the most ordinary items such as spare jeans, T-shirts and a compactly rolled windbreaker. All this fits quite normally in a forty-liter backpack, which is considered to be an assault backpack for good: these are special backpacks that are used to conquer the top of the mountain, moving forward from the assault camp closest to the top. But, as it turns out, with such a volume, you can go on trips up to a month quite well. . In it, I always carry documents, a laptop, a camera, a drone, and what else is needed for this blogging activity. So it turns out that when I travel, I always have a big red backpack behind my back, and a small black one in front. Beauty…

What size backpack or suitcase do you travel with to fit everything? Share your experience!

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