How to get your luggage first at the airport: 2 ways named

How to get your luggage first at the airport: 2 ways named

Two ways to get your luggage first were named for tourists by British experts from Sun. In anticipation of the holidays, they gave tourists useful tips on how to avoid long queues at the baggage carousel.

The first of them is to inform the airport employee that you are carrying fragile luggage and take a special sticker. Then, according to experts, there is a chance that your suitcase will arrive first, since fragile luggage is often loaded last on the plane and, as a result, is the first to hit the belt. In Russian realities, this does not always work; at Moscow airports, luggage marked “fragile” may well be picked up along with oversized luggage – even after all ordinary suitcases.

The second way is to check in in the last rows. As employees of the loading service assure, this means that the luggage will be in the forefront for unloading. The last suitcases at the destination will be the first in line for unloading.

However, there is a third way, albeit not free: some airlines offer passengers the opportunity to pay to have their baggage unloaded first, with priority baggage handling. However, this may only be available to frequent flyers and those who have paid for upgrades. Russian air carriers also practice this.

In addition to these life hacks, tourists are given some tips on how to avoid chaos and crowds when collecting luggage. Firstly, follow the rules of good manners, do not create crowds and do not block the approach to the baggage carousel for other passengers with your cart. Secondly, tourists, especially those who have an “ordinary black suitcase”, are advised to carefully check the luggage tags immediately after receiving their luggage – and preferably also the contents of the suitcase in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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