“I don't earn that much in a year” – walked along the street where they sell Swiss watches in Zurich. We look at the prices

Swiss watches are synonymous with luxury beyond the reach of most. And despite the fact that Swiss watches come in different price categories, and the simplest options can be bought starting from a couple of hundred dollars, we usually talk about unattainable Hublos, Rolexes, Zeniths and other brands when we mention Swiss watches.

How much do they cost? Let's take a walk down Zurich's main boutique street and take a look.

Here, for example, is an ordinary watch from one of the many brands presented. They cost 8900 Swiss francs, that is, about 550 thousand rubles. They cost like a used car. Not bad, right?

But more interesting options from Rolex: almost forty thousand francs or two and a half million rubles. In this regard, the question arises: why are they so expensive?

It is clear that the brand is premium. The watch is well made, the mechanism is reliable. Let's say they were assembled by hand by good craftsmen, and an hour of work in Switzerland is expensive. But where did the two and a half million come from?

When we talk about any premium item – it doesn't matter if it's a watch, a car or equipment – we must understand that the price includes not only the cost of production, but also the added value of the brand. Conventionally, Rolex has been developing an impeccable reputation as a manufacturer of premium watches for many decades. During this time, the company has become associated with a rich life and the high status of the owner.

These watches are cheaper, only 18.800…

And buying a Rolex today, a person becomes involved in this elite world. It turns out that they are selling him not only a watch, but also an entrance ticket to this rich world, the status of a Rolex brand customer, which is worth a lot in itself.

Plus, premium watches are made from expensive materials. Gold, platinum and gemstones are often used to make movement parts and finish cases. A watch with a platinum case, as you understand, cannot be cheap for sure.

However, if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a super-status accessory, you can buy simpler watches in Switzerland. Just a well-made mechanism in a titanium or stainless steel case with a lifetime warranty will cost 2-3 thousand francs (about 150 thousand rubles).

"I am so I don't make money in a year

Still expensive , but not as much as Rolex for two and a half million. If you do not know their price, you can say that they are no cheaper than those previous ones…

How do you like Swiss watch? Do you think they are worth the money?

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